Wellness Transformation E-Guide

Wellness Transformation E-Guide

Sometimes you want to do things on your schedule. Your level of motivation. Your time. If this is you, I’ve got good news.

We have assembled together a guide that provides the fundamental factors for a healthy lifestyle, and laid them out in a way that gives you the ultimate “cheat sheet”. This allows anyone who uses it to cut through the fluff and get the “real deal” on how to get healthy, without the extra noise and conflicting information.

This type of information could cost you hundreds of dollars in various courses…but we wanted to make sure that as many people as possible could access it because we believe the world needs a change, and it starts with our health. This guide is our way of helping facilitate that change.


Think about all the time, pain, and confusion it could eliminate from your life. In one year, it could save you over 500 hours of reading, thousands of dollars in inferior nutrition and supplement choices, and countless hours of confusion and frustration not knowing what to do for your health!

Not only that, but it saves you quality of life NOW, rather than wasting it over a period of years going back and forth and not really feeling much better. Would you rather feel better NOW, or years (or perhaps never) down the road?

I realize you are reading free articles, talking to various medical gurus, and trying all kinds of diets and supplements. And although I applaud you for being interested in your health, this is along and winding road that leads to dead end after dead end.

How many disappointments can you take?

This course of action will not work, because you either end up hurting yourself more on the roller coaster of information, or you get so tired and broke that you can’t finish the race. It happens all the time, and it will in all likelihood happen to you.

I know this all too well. I burned up over 3000 hours of research of the finest minds in health, and over $25,000 over a period of 5 years trying to figure it out. I was a man on a mission to find out the “secrets” to healing my body and living a healthy life.

And figure it out I did. By sheer will and a few fortunate circumstances, I was able to figure out the way to heal my body and stay healthy. But I was 1 in a million…I beat the odds, but it cost me FAR MORE physically and financially than what it will cost you to get the same information in a condensed and simple to follow guide.

Inside the Wellness Transformation Guide

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So what can you expect to learn from such a guide? Well, here are a few of the things you will learn through this highly condensed, no stone unturned, 43 page manual to a better you:

  • The 4 primary factors that determine your state of health, and how to address each one specifically in order to regain and maintain it
  • The major ‘disease’ that everyone experiences, yet overlooks, that has the trump card on all of your healthy activities, and how you can control and extinguish it
  • The most important considerations to make when choosing ANYTHING in the grocery store
  • Top foods to eat in 17 groupings, how to eat them, and what with to ensure you get the proper absorption and health benefits
  • How to maximize your nutrition, and your budget, by making better choices in the grocery aisles
  • The best forms of animal and plant proteinand specific things to look for in each (this is an eye opener)
  • How to get free hormone therapy treatments, and how to take advantage of them
  • Top 3 vice upgrades, so you can transition easily and safely from your creature comforts
  • The top 3 things you can start doing right away, for under $5/day, that will create the most health benefits
  • Why food preparation techniques are critical, and which ones you should strongly consider
  • How good food can become bad if you don’t follow some simple rules (we will show you how)
  • The top 5 supplements you should be taking regardless of your current health situation (and 2 or 3 of them are typically missed altogether)
  • How to get your beloved sleep patterns back, so you can finally feel well rested again
  • The ‘silent’ killer that is ruining your health on a daily basis (that is virtually impossible to escape), and how to protect yourself from it
  • The top toxins in 9 key areas that are slowly destroying your health, and how to eliminate them
  • A simple and pleasurable way to increase the quality of air in your home
  • The top 5 low impact exercises and actions to take in order to optimize toxin removal, organ function, and oxygen uptake
  • How to avoid putting chemicals directly into your bloodstream (most people are doing it every day)
  • Indispensable resources to keep you on track with your new lifestyle!


PLUS, in order to make this transition easier for you (and your family), you will receive a recipe e-book with 68 simple, healing, and upgraded meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks (including desserts), beverages, and condiments!

In 4 hours of high impact reading you will know all the key components to a healthier life with specific actionable recommendations (and delicious, yet healthy recipes), that combines all the essential components of dozens of health books, all into one tight little package.

Get the Wellness Transformation E-Guide at our discounted offer of $14.99, and have it delivered to your email inbox TODAY!

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